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Federal Serfdom and Food Freedom

“Lawmaker wants to criminalize enforcing federal food law!” That’s the headline of a recent KSL article (with an exclamation point added in for emphasis) regarding a bill that will be considered in the upcoming 2012 legislative session. Sponsored by Utah Senator Casey Anderson and originally drafted by the Utah Tenth Amendment Center, this bill is […]

Utah Goes for the Gold

Earlier this month, we reported on the sound money bill which the Utah legislature passed. Last Friday, Governor Herbert signed this bill into law. The core component of this new law is the legalized recognition of gold and silver coins (issued by the federal government) as legal currency within the state. They may be used […]

The 2011 Utah Tenth Amendment Agenda

Last night, the Utah Tenth Amendment Center held its first annual legislative briefing, bringing together pro-10th amendment legislators with over 75 leaders and influential members of the various political and patriotic groups throughout the state. The purpose of this meeting was to allow any legislator to present to this group who planned to introduce a […]

The Utah Sound Money Act

photo credit: Corey Holmes In 1980, Zimbabwe became a sovereign African nation, gaining its independence from the United Kingdom. At that time, their dollar was valued at a higher rate than the U.S. dollar, at a rate of 1 to 1.25. Earlier this decade, President Mugabe—in power since 1987—began to fulfill a long-standing campaign promise […]

The Disunited States of America: False Unity Between States in Bondage

photo credit: Randy Son of Robert While many people assume that the thirteen colonies which declared independence from Great Britain did so jointly as part of a newly-formed (or -forming) nation, this is incorrect. This belief is not only erroneous, but also dangerous. If one assumes that a conglomeration of the colonies secured independence and […]

Utah Tenth Amendment Center Distributes Copies of "Nullification" Book to State Legislators

Utah Nullification Project seeks to encourage state legislators to study and implement nullification of unconstitutional federal laws Lehi, UT, November 9, 2010 — Four months after the release of bestselling author Thomas E. Woods’ new book, Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century, the Utah Tenth Amendment Center has raised enough funds […]

EduJobs Bill further erodes federalism in Utah

Many in Utah arecheering as Gov. Herbert and many state legislators are planning to accept the ‘grant’ money and strings attached to the bill. Most are not aware of the path this bill took from the House of Representatives through the Senate and finally to Pres. Obama for signature.

Rep. Rob Bishop explains the Tenth Amendment Task Force

A short video with Rep. Rob Bishop (R-UT) explaining the Tenth Amendment Task Force in an interview with Liberty Central.

"Utah Nullification" project launched

"Utah Nullification" project launched

Project’s goal is to raise funds to purchase a copy of a new book on the topic of state nullification for every Utah legislator

Congressman Bishop pleads the 10th!

Congressman Bishop pleads the 10th!

Last night, Congressman Rob Bishop (R-UT) spoke before the House of Representatives to “plead the 10th” regarding the Work-Life Balance Award Act (H.R. 4855). “I plead the 10th” is an effort by the 10th Amendment Task Force to educate Members and the public about the principles of federalism.

Bennett is not a victim of anti-incumbent fever

Bennett is not a victim of anti-incumbent fever

Sen. Bob Bennett did not receive the delegate votes necessary to appear on the ballot.

Discovering the 10th Amendment Online

Keystones to our restoration is found in the 9th and 10th Amendments. As we gain in our understanding of these two amendments we learn the true nature of federalism, separation of powers, personal responsibility, and the resulting freedom we enjoy.

Focus On Freedom event to show where candidates stand on 10th Amendment

May 6th will be a very interesting evening for Utah delegates, voters, and candidates. When it comes to the 10th Amendment each of those participating in the questions surrounding Key #14 will have to defend or refute the amendment.

For Utah 13 is a very unlucky number

Pork barrel spending; a wonderful invention of a system built on special interest, redistribution mentality. Those who think it is simply a necessary ‘tool’ our federal representatives must use to help us ‘get our share’ are not ready for the 10th Amendment. People who demand and obtain money through pork barrel earmarks sell every Utah citizen into federal servitude because no pork comes without attachments.

Utah update; the year of the 10th Amendment

This morning I received Rep. Carl Wimmer’s newsletter that provided a good update on the legislative session and the many bills that were set in the fundamental principles of the 10th Amendment.  We wish to thank the members of the Patrick Henry Caucus, Rep. Wimmer, Gov. Herbert, and all of you who support a restoration […]

Governor signs eminent domain to seize federal land

An effort seen as fundamental to funding of public education was taken to the next level by Gov. Gary Herbert.  Saturday he signed the legislation authorizing Utah to use eminent domain to seize federal lands.  In an update the Wall Street Journal has written a solid article on the action which sets the pace for […]

Comments on 10th Amendment legislation miss the point

Today there was an article in the Desert News about this year’s legislative session, Carl Wimmer, and the Patrick Henry Caucus has some fair insights.  There is even a comment by the House Minority Assistant Whip (can these titles of nobility get any more stretched?) Carol Moss (D – Holladay) that was right on the […]

The time is now: Utah HB 143 and HB 324

A letter by Ken Ivory Esteemed Senators Waddoups, Jenkins and Neiderhauser: We realize that HB143 and HB324 represent bold steps in Restoring the Balance of Power to the States as originally and deliberately designed into our constitutional federalist system of government. Each of the founders understood that the ultimate check and balance to “tyrannical” centralized […]

Utah school trust land litigation and eminant domain update

In his newsletter Rep. Carl Wimmer included the update below on HB 143; Eminent Domain Authority,  and 324; Public Lands Litigation.  If you have not read these two pieces of legislation please do.  As we hear the politicians and citizens screaming about the risk of cutting off federal funds by challenging the federal usurpation you […]

The Painful Truth – Video by Ken Ivory

Ken Ivory’s remarks at a hearing on HB 67 Federal Healthcare Opt Out.  Ken is running for Utah House District 47 and he is running on a foundation of the 10th Amendment with the simple focus of ‘every issue, every time!’  I have taken Ken’s iCommit pledge and hope you will do the same! Learn more […]

The Time To Reclaim Our Land Is NOW!

This is a great reminder sent out by Utah Rising!  We appreciate their efforts! The Time To Reclaim Our Land Is NOW! Call your State Senator TODAY! (Only 2 days left in session!) Did you know that almost 70% of Utah is owned by the federal government? That means that we, as Utahns, can only […]

State Sovereignty Resolution heads to Gov. Herbert

Sen. Howard Stephenson introduced the State Sovereignty and Tenth Amendment Resolution, SJR-6, on January 12th.  It was created in the spring of 2009 by citizens for citizens.  The Utah 9.12 States’ Rights Coalition, with the guidance of Larry Jensen (Utah Grassroots Alliance Coordinator), Chris Strause and many others, formed the message.  After looking for someone to support […]

UT House District 47 candidate Ken Ivory reads 10th Amendment Resolution at First Annual Tenth Amendment Summit

The following statement was approved by candidates participating in the closed-door strategy meeting at the Tenth Amendment Summit – February 25, 2010 in Atlanta Georgia – Read by Ken Ivory at the all-day open session on Feb 26, 2010 We The People of the several States created a federal government to serve as our limited […]

Utah firearms freedom act signed into law

Sen. Margaret Dayton (R-Orem) introduced SB-11, Utah State-Made Firearms Protection Act on January 25th, 2010.   By February 16th the legislative debates were over and the bill was passed by both houses and sent to Gov. Gary Herbert for his signature.  After 10 days of public debate, with both sides of the issue encouraging action Gov. […]