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Federal Serfdom and Food Freedom

“Lawmaker wants to criminalize enforcing federal food law!” That’s the headline of a recent KSL article (with an exclamation point added in for emphasis) regarding a bill that will be considered in the upcoming 2012 legislative session. Sponsored by Utah Senator Casey Anderson and originally drafted by the Utah Tenth Amendment Center, this bill is […]

The 2011 Utah Tenth Amendment Agenda

Last night, the Utah Tenth Amendment Center held its first annual legislative briefing, bringing together pro-10th amendment legislators with over 75 leaders and influential members of the various political and patriotic groups throughout the state. The purpose of this meeting was to allow any legislator to present to this group who planned to introduce a […]

Why the Tenth Amendment Task Force Is Not To Be Trusted

photo credit: swamysk On February 19 of this year, Utah’s Senate President and House Speaker co-authored an op-ed for the Washington Post in which they kindly requested that the federal government hand over some of its assumed powers to Utah as an “experiment” to help “relieve some of their burden”. This “modest proposal” suggested that […]

Teeth for the 10th Amendment

The following op-ed was published in today’s Standard Examiner: Consider for a moment a horrible scenario which unfortunately is far too common in the world today: an abusive, domineering husband whose timid wife fears for her safety, yet is so paralyzed that she dare not risk an attempt to flee. If the couple has any […]

Amendment X: The False Truism

The history of the tenth amendment to the U.S. Constitution provides an insightful look into the fears and concerns shared by the founders of this nation. In the Federalist/Anti-Federalist duel over the nature of the proposed federal government and the Constitution’s ability to both empower and restrain it, some individuals proved more prescient than others […]

EduJobs Bill further erodes federalism in Utah

Many in Utah arecheering as Gov. Herbert and many state legislators are planning to accept the ‘grant’ money and strings attached to the bill. Most are not aware of the path this bill took from the House of Representatives through the Senate and finally to Pres. Obama for signature.

Federalism and the 10th Amendment

Federalism and the 10th Amendment

Saturday’s ‘Freedom is Rising’ show, on August 14th, was a show focused on federalism and the 10th Amendment.

House Resolution introduced reaffirming federalism

The Congressional 10th Amendment Task Force today introduced a House Resolution, reaffirming Congress’ commitment to the principle of federalism and the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Are you armed and ready to combat bad government?

Within the educated messages today resides an organized movement people need to listen to as it contains the most peaceful, useful way to help restore order while defending our fundamental structure of federalism. Among the messengers are Thomas Woods, Jr., Dr. Kevin Gutzman, and Michael Boldin who is the founder of the Tenth Amendment Center

Interposition is the cousin of nullification

While states’ rights generate a firestorm of emotions, with opponents claiming supporters simply want to return to the days of slavery and racism, nullification often creates a sense of confusion. Many people feel they are well educated in the subject of federalism while holding a core conviction federal law is supreme. After all, this is what they remember being taught in their high school and college American Government classes. So, the idea of a State thinking it can declare federal law null and void simply fails to register.

Nullify Now Tour Interview with Michael Boldin

Nullify Now Tour Interview with Michael Boldin

It would be great to bring the tour to Utah. We need to raise enough funds in order to make this happen. Please watch the video and let us know if you are interested in trying to bring this important tour to Utah.

Downsize DC Pres. Jim Babka on Freedom is Rising

Join Gary Wood and Gary Alder as they talk with Jim Babka regarding the efforts of Downsize DC. As Jim says during the interview, they consider themselves a 10th Amendment organization. Tune in and see why they believe that and what type of efforts are underway with an organization that is non-partisan, focused on Direct Action to move Congress toward smaller government no matter who is in office.

The Original Constitution by Robert Natelson

The Original Constitution by Robert Natelson

Some people—including the former law instructor who now serves as President of the United States—believe that it is impossible to reconstruct the Constitution’s original meaning.

As this book demonstrates, that view is substantially incorrect.

Bennett is not a victim of anti-incumbent fever

Bennett is not a victim of anti-incumbent fever

Sen. Bob Bennett did not receive the delegate votes necessary to appear on the ballot.

Candidate support for the Downsize DC Agenda is growing

Jim Babka, President of DownsizeDC, and those citizens who are a part of the nearly 30,000 strong Downsize DC Army are gaining candidate support for the Downsize DC Agenda. The agenda is based on six of the 24 excellent campaigns thoughtfully developed and promoted by the organization.

Discovering the 10th Amendment Online

Keystones to our restoration is found in the 9th and 10th Amendments. As we gain in our understanding of these two amendments we learn the true nature of federalism, separation of powers, personal responsibility, and the resulting freedom we enjoy.

Federalism: A Key to Liberty

Most school kids learn that the “separation of powers” refers to a “horizontal” balance of power between the three branches of government. This horizontal separation of powers ensures that each branch of the national government checks the other branches.

For Utah 13 is a very unlucky number

Pork barrel spending; a wonderful invention of a system built on special interest, redistribution mentality. Those who think it is simply a necessary ‘tool’ our federal representatives must use to help us ‘get our share’ are not ready for the 10th Amendment. People who demand and obtain money through pork barrel earmarks sell every Utah citizen into federal servitude because no pork comes without attachments.

What Nancy Pelosi thinks the 10th Amendment means

This should give everyone a very clear idea of what we are up against when it comes to educating people on the original meaning of the 10th Amendment.  I had to read this ‘myth buster’ explanation from Pelosi’s website several times to really grasp the fact she either truly believes this or truly hopes we […]

Washington: Are they drunk, or just stoned?

In light of the wave of extra-constitutional actions taken by both parties in Washington over the past few years (e.g. Bush years: individual stimulus checks, Medicare Part D, Bear Stearns pseudo bailout, Fannie/Freddie bailout, TARP; Obama years: Stimulus, Cap and Trade, unlimited Fannie/Freddie bailout, GM nationalization, Bank nationalizations, residential real estate nationalization, healthcare bill with […]

Utah update; the year of the 10th Amendment

This morning I received Rep. Carl Wimmer’s newsletter that provided a good update on the legislative session and the many bills that were set in the fundamental principles of the 10th Amendment.  We wish to thank the members of the Patrick Henry Caucus, Rep. Wimmer, Gov. Herbert, and all of you who support a restoration […]

When the discussion grows we begin to win

A key factor in successfully defending our American heritage and Constitution is discussion.  We can study, we can fight, we can argue yet nothing will move forward without people willingly listening to one another and growing their mutual understanding through discussion and debate.  Those opposing federalism and a free will approach to government fear people […]

Governor signs eminent domain to seize federal land

An effort seen as fundamental to funding of public education was taken to the next level by Gov. Gary Herbert.  Saturday he signed the legislation authorizing Utah to use eminent domain to seize federal lands.  In an update the Wall Street Journal has written a solid article on the action which sets the pace for […]

Tenth Amendment 101: Essential Reading

Many have asked what can we read and study in order to prepare ourselves for the debates and discussions surrounding the 10th Amendment.  Thanks to Michael Boldin and the Californian Tenth Amendment Center below you will find some fundamental articles that can help a great deal.  As we prepare for the long struggle of education […]