Nullify Now Tour Interview with Michael Boldin

Nullify Now Tour Interview with Michael Boldin

It would be great to bring the tour to Utah. We need to raise enough funds in order to make this happen. Please watch the video and let us know if you are interested in trying to bring this important tour to Utah.

Congressman Bishop pleads the 10th!

Congressman Bishop pleads the 10th!

Last night, Congressman Rob Bishop (R-UT) spoke before the House of Representatives to “plead the 10th” regarding the Work-Life Balance Award Act (H.R. 4855). “I plead the 10th” is an effort by the 10th Amendment Task Force to educate Members and the public about the principles of federalism.

The Painful Truth – Video by Ken Ivory

Ken Ivory’s remarks at a hearing on HB 67 Federal Healthcare Opt Out.  Ken is running for Utah House District 47 and he is running on a foundation of the 10th Amendment with the simple focus of ‘every issue, every time!’  I have taken Ken’s iCommit pledge and hope you will do the same! Learn more […]

Patrick Henry Caucus Video

Have you seen the latest Slate It Up Films production on the Utah young guns?

Video: Keystone to Our Restoration

A brief video introducing the 10th Amendment and an appeal to Utah legislators to uphold their duty in checking federal usurpation through the use of this keystone amendment. Keystone to Our Restoration; the 10th Amendment

Insider Poll: Should Utah Join a Lawsuit Against the Federal Government?

Carl Wimmer appeared on a report on Fox News today in conjunction with a poll that shows, clearly, many conservatives support states’ rights and want our state representatives to stand up to our duties under the Tenth Amendment. Not surprisingly, all the Democratic insiders polled by Fox think Rep. Wimmer, the Patrick Henry Caucus and […]