Utah States’ Rights

Utah State Sovereignty: Governor Herbert’s State of the State Address

Governor Herbert spoke to Utahans, and his message of Utah’s future security is an important one. Americans in every state are beginning to understand the repercussions of an overextended and invasive federal government. With federal unemployment rates at 11% and 14 trillion and counting in debt, many fear that the fall of the federal government […]

The Education Vortex

America touts the best educational system in the world – our federal government, at least, spends a good deal on education ranking second behind Switzerland on money per child– an average of $91,700 per student in the nine years between the ages of 6 and 15 according to “Losing the Brain Race” by Veronique de […]

Federal Serfdom and Food Freedom

“Lawmaker wants to criminalize enforcing federal food law!” That’s the headline of a recent KSL article (with an exclamation point added in for emphasis) regarding a bill that will be considered in the upcoming 2012 legislative session. Sponsored by Utah Senator Casey Anderson and originally drafted by the Utah Tenth Amendment Center, this bill is […]

Federal Justification of Tyranny

photo credit: Poisonist Arguing before the Superior Court of Massachusetts in 1761, attorney James Otis argued for five hours against the legality of writs of assistance. These writs, which served as general search warrants that did not expire, allowed government officials to search an individual’s person or property at any time, and for any (or […]

Governor Herbert to Sign Federalism Law

This past legislative session Rep. Ken Ivory (R – LD47) sponsored legislation based on his ground-breaking effort to teach people to ask, and answer, an all important question; Where’s the Line? This initial legislation places Utah in a powerful position which will make it required, by law, for the State to review federal legislation to […]

Utah Goes for the Gold

Earlier this month, we reported on the sound money bill which the Utah legislature passed. Last Friday, Governor Herbert signed this bill into law. The core component of this new law is the legalized recognition of gold and silver coins (issued by the federal government) as legal currency within the state. They may be used […]

Is Senator Mike Lee a "Radical Tenther?"

If you read Think Progress’s article by Ian Millhiser you may think so.   The article is even listed under “Radical Right-Wing Agenda” to help readers understand how radical Lee’s interpretation is.  Reading the many comments on the article most of the Think Progress readers accept the authors’ view.  What is left out is key to […]

The 2011 Utah Tenth Amendment Agenda

Last night, the Utah Tenth Amendment Center held its first annual legislative briefing, bringing together pro-10th amendment legislators with over 75 leaders and influential members of the various political and patriotic groups throughout the state. The purpose of this meeting was to allow any legislator to present to this group who planned to introduce a […]

Governor Herbert Calls for Ongoing Resistance to Un-Constitutional Federal Laws

During his inauguration ceremony today, Governor Gary Herbert said the following in his speech: As a state, we will advocate states’ rights and we will vigorously resist the increasing burden of federal intrusion into our lives. We at the Utah Tenth Amendment Center have a feeling that the Governor will be given several opportunities over […]

The Utah Sound Money Act

photo credit: Corey Holmes In 1980, Zimbabwe became a sovereign African nation, gaining its independence from the United Kingdom. At that time, their dollar was valued at a higher rate than the U.S. dollar, at a rate of 1 to 1.25. Earlier this decade, President Mugabe—in power since 1987—began to fulfill a long-standing campaign promise […]

Our state legislators' right and duty

The following was an email we sent to each legislator in Utah last week. Dear Legislator, I hope that by now you’ve had the time to read, or at least thumb through, the copy of Nullification you were recently sent. Whether or not you agree with all the points presented in the book, the compilation […]

The Disunited States of America: False Unity Between States in Bondage

photo credit: Randy Son of Robert While many people assume that the thirteen colonies which declared independence from Great Britain did so jointly as part of a newly-formed (or -forming) nation, this is incorrect. This belief is not only erroneous, but also dangerous. If one assumes that a conglomeration of the colonies secured independence and […]

Why the Tenth Amendment Task Force Is Not To Be Trusted

photo credit: swamysk On February 19 of this year, Utah’s Senate President and House Speaker co-authored an op-ed for the Washington Post in which they kindly requested that the federal government hand over some of its assumed powers to Utah as an “experiment” to help “relieve some of their burden”. This “modest proposal” suggested that […]

An Update on the Utah Nullification Project

An Update on the Utah Nullification Project

On Independence Day weekend just a couple months ago, I was reading Tom Woods’ new book Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century. As I was reading through the excellent book, I had a realization: if the subject matter was to have any impact on our current political landscape, it needs to […]

Rep. Rob Bishop explains the Tenth Amendment Task Force

A short video with Rep. Rob Bishop (R-UT) explaining the Tenth Amendment Task Force in an interview with Liberty Central.

Congressman Bishop pleads the 10th!

Congressman Bishop pleads the 10th!

Last night, Congressman Rob Bishop (R-UT) spoke before the House of Representatives to “plead the 10th” regarding the Work-Life Balance Award Act (H.R. 4855). “I plead the 10th” is an effort by the 10th Amendment Task Force to educate Members and the public about the principles of federalism.

Ask Governor to Sign Utah-Made Guns & Ammo Bill

by Lowell Nelson February 24, 2010 Fellow Citizens, Your rights to manufacture, sell, and purchase guns and ammo made in Utah without interference from federal regulation are hanging in the balance! By Friday of this week, Governor Herbert must either sign or veto SB 11, the Utah State-made Firearms Protection Act, or let it become […]

Friend of the 10th Chuck Bateman launches blog site for campaign

Chuck Bateman is a friend of the 10th Amendment and our U.S. Constitution.  He is stepping into the political fray as a candidate in Utah House District 5.  Hearing him announce his candidacy last month in Logan moved me deeply.  Knowing the sacrifices he and his wife and family are willingly making in time and […]

Patrick Henry Caucus Video

Have you seen the latest Slate It Up Films production on the Utah young guns?

One small step for Wyoming, one giant leap for gun rights

Thanks to Ann Ford for sending this in.  Also, a special thanks to Dudley Brown for putting it out there.  Wyoming is our neighbor and their push for states’ rights is important for us, all efforts around the country are in fact.   Speaking of effort, this is what a lot of you are doing everyday […]

Public education is only one glaring example of why we need the 10th Amendment

A local (really good) blog, Holly on the Hill, ran a piece two days ago about Utah’s 10th Amendment rights.  Among the replies were some progressive thinkers not entirely enthusiastic about the efforts under way to restore Utah sovereignty (shock).  One, who goes by initials JBT, asked the following; I am asking the conservative readers […]

SCR-3 passes Utah Senate 23-3

Sen. Stuart Adams’ (R- Layton) concurrent resolution on Utah States’ Rights passed the Senate with 23 senators supporting the message while 3 opposed the message.  Opposition was voiced against the resolution due to a concern over the federal Medicare and Medicaid dollars used to help fund Utah’s budget.  It was also noted Utah needs the […]

Another Nail in the Coffin: Utah Considers bill to Reject Real ID

Introduced in the Utah Legislature is House Bill 234 (HB234), which if passed, would prohibit the state from “participating in the implementation of the REAL ID Act of 2005.” Real ID created national standards for driver’s license and identification cards and opponents have been resisting it for various reasons – it’s a privacy risk, forces […]

HB-67 Passes Senate Committee 7 to 1

Ken Rizzuto, Chairman of the Utah 9.12 States’ Rights Coalition, just reported HB-67 has passed the Senate Health and Human Services Committee this morning after hearing a presentation by Rep. Carl Wimmer.  The next stop will be the Senate for full debate and vote before moving on for Gov. Herbert’s signature. The one vote against […]