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Utah's Upcoming Opportunity to Uphold the Fourth and Oppose the TSA

Texas has shown leadership in standing up to the TSA and protecting the right of innocent individuals to travel without being molested by a government agent. As was documented in an article on the national TAC site a couple of days ago, the state has unfortunately capitulated as a result of a direct threat from […]

The 2011 Utah Tenth Amendment Agenda

Last night, the Utah Tenth Amendment Center held its first annual legislative briefing, bringing together pro-10th amendment legislators with over 75 leaders and influential members of the various political and patriotic groups throughout the state. The purpose of this meeting was to allow any legislator to present to this group who planned to introduce a […]

Where's the Line?

A simple question each of us needs to learn.  As Ken Ivory (UT-HD47) has stated, “I don’t have all the answers but I have a really good question, where’s the line?”  We just came from a presentation by Mr. Ivory and he is creating a ground swell of excitement here in Utah that will be […]

Utah Tenth Amendment Center Distributes Copies of "Nullification" Book to State Legislators

Utah Nullification Project seeks to encourage state legislators to study and implement nullification of unconstitutional federal laws Lehi, UT, November 9, 2010 — Four months after the release of bestselling author Thomas E. Woods’ new book, Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century, the Utah Tenth Amendment Center has raised enough funds […]

An Update on the Utah Nullification Project

An Update on the Utah Nullification Project

On Independence Day weekend just a couple months ago, I was reading Tom Woods’ new book Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century. As I was reading through the excellent book, I had a realization: if the subject matter was to have any impact on our current political landscape, it needs to […]

House Resolution introduced reaffirming federalism

The Congressional 10th Amendment Task Force today introduced a House Resolution, reaffirming Congress’ commitment to the principle of federalism and the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

"Utah Nullification" project launched

"Utah Nullification" project launched

Project’s goal is to raise funds to purchase a copy of a new book on the topic of state nullification for every Utah legislator

Nullify NOW! The States Can Stop D.C.!

Nullify Now! is a multi-city event tour focused on education and activism on a state level to say NO to unconstitutional federal “laws” – which, in reality, are not laws at all.

Candidate support for the Downsize DC Agenda is growing

Jim Babka, President of DownsizeDC, and those citizens who are a part of the nearly 30,000 strong Downsize DC Army are gaining candidate support for the Downsize DC Agenda. The agenda is based on six of the 24 excellent campaigns thoughtfully developed and promoted by the organization.

Getting the right gang numbers in D.C.

Many wonder how it is we can have political factions seemingly different while obtaining the same results no matter which party is in office. It is fairly clear if we look at the nuance comments presented by leadership from the supposed conservative side of the aisle. It is a business of who has the biggest gang numbers according to RNC leadership.

Tenth Amendment 101: Essential Reading

Many have asked what can we read and study in order to prepare ourselves for the debates and discussions surrounding the 10th Amendment.  Thanks to Michael Boldin and the Californian Tenth Amendment Center below you will find some fundamental articles that can help a great deal.  As we prepare for the long struggle of education […]

State Sovereignty Resolution heads to Gov. Herbert

Sen. Howard Stephenson introduced the State Sovereignty and Tenth Amendment Resolution, SJR-6, on January 12th.  It was created in the spring of 2009 by citizens for citizens.  The Utah 9.12 States’ Rights Coalition, with the guidance of Larry Jensen (Utah Grassroots Alliance Coordinator), Chris Strause and many others, formed the message.  After looking for someone to support […]

UT House District 47 candidate Ken Ivory reads 10th Amendment Resolution at First Annual Tenth Amendment Summit

The following statement was approved by candidates participating in the closed-door strategy meeting at the Tenth Amendment Summit – February 25, 2010 in Atlanta Georgia – Read by Ken Ivory at the all-day open session on Feb 26, 2010 We The People of the several States created a federal government to serve as our limited […]

UPDATE: S.J.R. 6 Joint Resolution – State Sovereignty and Tenth Amendment

Just received a WebWatch update on the status of S.J.R. 6   Joint Resolution – State Sovereignty and Tenth Amendment.  The is the bill sponsored by Sen. Howard Stephenson that was written by the citizens for the intentional purpose of helping educate people on what the state sovereignty and the 10th Amendment are all about.  The resolution […]

Ask Governor to Sign Utah-Made Guns & Ammo Bill

by Lowell Nelson February 24, 2010 Fellow Citizens, Your rights to manufacture, sell, and purchase guns and ammo made in Utah without interference from federal regulation are hanging in the balance! By Friday of this week, Governor Herbert must either sign or veto SB 11, the Utah State-made Firearms Protection Act, or let it become […]

I Commit…Restoring the Balance of Power

I Commit . . .Restoring the Balance of Power to Our Federalist System of Strong, Sovereign States Here’s a news flash – The American people are frustrated! The noted national pollster, Scott Rasmussen, recently released his findings that “Only 21% of Voters Nationwide Believe that the Federal Government Has the Consent of the Governed.” We […]

HB-67 Health Care Amendment tomorrow!!

LAST MINUTE CALL!!!  to attend a critical hearing tomorrow: On TUESDAY, Feb. 16th at 8:00am, Rep. Carl Wimmer will present HB67, the Health Systems Amendment bill, at a Senate Committee Hearing. Remember, this bill will push back against an ever encroaching Federal Government and their Obama-”care” health plan.  The Utah 9.12 States’ Rights Coalition fully […]

Utah-made Guns and Ammo Bill Heading for a Veto?

February 14, 2010 Dear Friend of Liberty, Good news!  Legislators are hearing from the citizens and are starting to act. The “Utah State-made Firearms Protection Act” (SB 11, sponsored in the Senate by Sen. Margaret Dayton) passed the House on Wednesday of this week by a vote of 56-17-2. It now awaits action by Governor […]

Utah States' Rights Resolution moves forward – be there Friday!

The Utah 9.12 States’ Rights Coalition just released the following, great information from this morning’s committee hearing on SJR-6, the citizen’s drafted resolution before the Utah Legislature this year. ———————— GREAT NEWS! The Utah States’ Rights Resolution, SJR6, passed the Senate Government Operations Subcommittee this morning with a unanimous vote! It will go to the […]

SJR -6 States' Rights Resolution Action Alert

Larry Jensen has sent the following Action Alert for all of us to have the information and resources to be there Wednesday morning if possible and to email all members involved no matter.  Thank you Larry; Wed, Feb 10 8:00 AM Utah Capitol (We’ll announce the room when it gets posted) The People’s Resolution of […]

Wall Street Journal and the Tenth Amendment Center

All Utah supporters of our states’ powers and duties under our 10th Amendment it is important you know the impact you are having on this keystone amendment.  Your impact is being felt in Utah and, together with the national and other state centers, around our Federal Republic.  As many of you know there are always […]

Update on 7 Utah Legislative actions impacting States' Rights

Update on 7 Utah Legislative actions impacting States’ Rights Here is a brief update on some of the legislative actions involving 10th Amendment issues.  You can click on the bill name to find details on each bill.  You can click on the status to see a running update on the status of each bill.  Please […]

'Rediscover Our Heritage' Tueday nights!

On Tuesday, Feb. 2nd, we continue “Rediscovering Our Heritage” and we are getting into the heart of our heritage.  Those attending are learning where a lot of our American spirit developed as well as learning about the sparks of revolution leading to our birth certificate, the Declaration of Independence.  We left off with the Stamp […]

HB-67 Introduced in Committee Tuesday, be there!

In Rep. Carl Wimmer’s newsletter he announced the following activity; HB67 Health care amendments: Next week HB67- Health Care Amendments will be heard in committee.  This is my bill which opts Utah out of the National health care legislation, should it pass Congress.  This is one of the top five most important pieces of legislation […]