Utah's Upcoming Opportunity to Uphold the Fourth and Oppose the TSA

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Texas has shown leadership in standing up to the TSA and protecting the right of innocent individuals to travel without being molested by a government agent. As was documented in an article on the national TAC site a couple of days ago, the state has unfortunately capitulated as a result of a direct threat from the federal government.

But as that article explains, Texas is not alone, nor is this war against invasive searches and seizures over. In fact, it’s just beginning. We revealed in that article that at least ten states will be considering related legislation. Today we can announce that Utah will be one of those states entering the fray.

Carl Wimmer and one other legislator (unnamed for now, as he hasn’t yet made his involvement public) are reviewing the legislation from the five other states who have worked on this type of bill already, and will be compiling the various ideas and issues into a bill that will be presented for consideration in the 2012 general session next January.

In an assault on the Fourth Amendment protection against searches and seizures without probable cause and a warrant, the TSA is screening innocent passengers in the nation’s airports (and elsewhere), including the one in Salt Lake City. The unjust and unnecessary molestation of men, women, and children who are not reasonably believed to be carrying any contraband nor intending to jeopardize the public’s safety must stop.

Utah will have an opportunity to uphold the Fourth Amendment early next year and protect the individual rights of those who have completely innocent and do not deserve such treatment. Please encourage your representatives to watch for and support this bill.

Connor Boyack is president of Libertas Institute. He is the author of Latter-day Liberty: A Gospel Approach to Government and Politics and Latter-day Responsibility: Choosing Liberty Through Personal Accountability.

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