Discovering the 10th Amendment Online

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I wanted to give a quick update on the status of our seminar on the 9th and 10th entitled ‘Discovering the 10th Amendment’ so you can take advantage of it if you find it useful.  Many who have attended the live seminar find it useful and enjoyable.

10th Amendment

Keystone to our liberty

Keystones to our restoration is found in the 9th and 10th Amendments. As we gain in our understanding of these two amendments we learn the true nature of federalism, separation of powers, personal responsibility, and the resulting freedom we enjoy.

This course is a web version of our popular, live seminar on these critical amendments. Also, there is an introduction into ‘Our Societal Self’ which is explained in more details in our ‘Rediscovering Our Heritage‘ course.

The course documents and video of a live seminar can be accessed and viewed at;

Study Our History

Please share your thoughts on the information.  Also, if you want to continue the discussion you can join our new network at 9th and 10th group;

Heritage Training Network

Gary Wood is the Educational Advisor for the Utah Tenth Amendment Center. Co-founder of the Heritage Training Center, focused on helping end constitutional illiteracy. With 35 years of devoted study of our Constitution his desire is to help others rediscover the inspiring heritage of the United States. Radio show host, training officer, lifetime member of the VFW and most importantly Grandpa.

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