Getting the right gang numbers in D.C.

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Many wonder how it is we can have political factions seemingly different while obtaining the same results no matter which party is in office.  It is fairly clear if we look at the nuance comments presented by leadership from the supposed conservative side of the aisle.  It is a business of who has the biggest gang numbers according to RNC leadership.

Newsmax reported Sen. Jim DeMint is irking the GOP.  What is causing this frustration from GOP leaders by DeMint?  According to the report, “We need candidates who can win,” Cornyn told the Journal.”What we’re in the business of is reinforcing our numbers, and the only way you do that is by winning elections.”  It is clearly evident in this statement Cornyn is not in the business of upholding his constitutional oath or in the business of doing what the federal government is suppose to be doing while supporting states who are to do what they are responsible for.  No, his business, and the RNC’s business is winning elections and getting their gang to be the biggest gang over the DNC’s gang.

He is not alone in this gang mentality Cornyn is not alone.  It was just a couple of years ago Nancy Pelosi said the reason the Democrat controlled Congress did nothing to stop Bush’s agenda toward big government was because they were too busy trying to insure they took over the White House while increasing their majority in Congress.  Her gang numbers from the DNC were not large enough yet so she could not be concerned with doing the business of federal government requirements, don’t you see?  She had to focus on getting more of her gang members to back her up in the next rumble!

Sen. DeMint is not endearing himself to the leadership of the RNC.  What is he doing while Cornyn is trying to get more gang members to help with the rumbles planned in 2011?  “I’m at the point where it doesn’t matter if we win if we don’t believe in anything,” he told The Wall Street Journal. “There’s no need to nursemaid somebody to the general election if they’re just going to come up here and vote like the Democrats do.”  He just does not seem to understand what business he is in.

Believing in something counter to liberal philosophy is apparently unwelcomed by either the DNC or RNC leadership.  These two gangs are obviously more concerned with numbers and elections.  In other words, they are politicians.  DeMint is apparently attempting to revive an old position of statesmanship, people who believe in something like our Constitution, an Oath of Office, federalism, and people.  What a crazy, wild buck this one is turning out to be.  However, if the gang leaders have their way this notion of belief will be squashed and the efforts to elect those that are not going to D.C. to tow a party line will pass. 

Gang members of both the RNC and DNC should take a pause in their little turf war to notice there is a new gang forming, and it is bent on restoring people to the sovereign center of America’s capital and all 50 states united.  Are you ready to rumble?

Gary Wood is the Educational Advisor for the Utah Tenth Amendment Center. Co-founder of the Heritage Training Center, focused on helping end constitutional illiteracy. With 35 years of devoted study of our Constitution his desire is to help others rediscover the inspiring heritage of the United States. Radio show host, training officer, lifetime member of the VFW and most importantly Grandpa.

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3 Responses to “Getting the right gang numbers in D.C.”

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  2. Jeff Matthews says:

    But does DeMint espouse following the Constitution? Does his record show this? If his idea of "purism" is a Reaganesque conservatism, he has the same problem as the rest of them.

    What would be his record on federal laws concerning abortion? If he thinks the feds rightly should ban abortion, that's one strike.

    What is his view of decriminalizing drug use under federal law? If he thinks the feds rightly should be anti-drug, that's two strikes.


    Well, here it is: Voted YES on defining unborn child as eligible for SCHIP.
    Voted YES on prohibiting minors crossing state lines for abortion.
    Voted YES on notifying parents of minors who get out-of-state abortions.
    Voted YES on making it a crime to harm a fetus during another crime.
    Voted YES on banning partial-birth abortion except to save mother’s life.
    Voted YES on funding for health providers who don't provide abortion info.

    Voted YES on military border patrols to battle drugs & terrorism.
    Voted YES on prohibiting needle exchange & medical marijuana in DC.

    Indicate which principles you support (if any) regarding drugs.
    X a) Support mandatory jail sentences for selling illegal drugs.
    b) Expand federally sponsored drug education and drug treatment programs.
    c) Decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana.
    d) Allow doctors to prescribe marijuana to their patients for medicinal purposes.
    X e) Increase border security to stop the flow of illegal drugs into the United States.
    f) Eliminate federal funding for programs associated with the "war on drugs."
    g) Other or expanded principles

    I am sure much more information could be found. But so far, it clearly does look like he's a purist. He purely wants things one way – his way – damned be the Constitution.

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