For Utah 13 is a very unlucky number

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Pork barrel spending; a wonderful invention of a system built on special interest, redistribution mentality.  Those who think it is simply a necessary ‘tool’ our federal representatives must use to help us ‘get our share’ are not ready for the 10th Amendment.  People who demand and obtain money through pork barrel earmarks sell every Utah citizen into federal servitude because no pork comes without attachments.

Citizen’s Against Government Waste has published this year’s Pig Book and Utah was number 13 at the trough thanks to the efforts of 4 out of 5 federal representatives.  When citizens support state sovereignty initiatives and ear marks there is confusion as one cannot exist with the other.  As an example; many will say they want to close the Dept. of Education, remove unconstitutional federal interference, restore all requirements to state and local levels and happily applaud the fact Weber State, Southern Utah, and Western Governors Universities are receiving nearly $1.5 million dollars in Bennett ear marks.  When you pause to understand how little the $1.5 million really is compared to total budgetary needs for education you must ask if the strings of federal control are worth the small percentage of pork?

Remember, Nancy Pelosi teaches from her website exactly how the 10th Amendment really works.  The feds attempt to payoff the people and if the people refuse the payoff then the feds can do what they want anyway…as long as they attempted to pay them off first.  This year’s pork works out to $54.34 for every citizen according to Lee Davidson’s insightful article in the Desert News.  Is that enough for you to accept federal interference?  Are you prepared to give up your support for the 10th Amendment in order to accept the payoff from the feds?

We cannot support both if we are to win freedom for our posterity.  Federalism does not work when operated through special interest redistribution of wealth.  It works on principles established in our Declaration of Independence and carried out by following our U.S. Constitution.  We must demand representatives at all level no longer accept the pork barrel game for funding.  Not only should they not participate, they must demand it ends. 

If we truly want to restore our republic, if we truly want Utah and local governments to carry out their duties, if we really are willing to be responsible enough to live free we cannot accept a ranking of 13.  (If you just thought, ‘Right, we can do better, we gotta get into the top ten you may not understand!) This should be a disgrace to any liberty-minded person, a number higher than 50 will not do.

Gary Wood is the Educational Advisor for the Utah Tenth Amendment Center. Co-founder of the Heritage Training Center, focused on helping end constitutional illiteracy. With 35 years of devoted study of our Constitution his desire is to help others rediscover the inspiring heritage of the United States. Radio show host, training officer, lifetime member of the VFW and most importantly Grandpa.

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