Saturday, Jan 23rd Action and Education Event

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We are excited to host a special event Saturday, January 23rd starting at 10am.  This event is billed as both action and knowledge because we are going to get an update on the many legislative bills ready to be introduced when our Utah State Legislature convenes Monday, January 25th.

Bring your completed petitions (find out details and get yours by clicking here) and your enthusiasm as we learn how we can support the Patrick Henry Caucus in moving the states rights initiatives forward in 2010.  You will learn about each of the bills already numbered as well as those in the process.  These initiatives cover everything from Utah land rights, firearms, health care, and more.

For the knowledge side we are presenting “Keystone to Our Restoration; Discovering the 9th and 10th Amendments” which is a facilitated, interactive seminar that will open your eyes to the truth about these little used, little understood yet all important amendments!  Bring your friends and family along to learn why Thomas Jefferson called these the keystones in our Constitution.

You will have to come by to see who our special guests are.  The event will begin at 10am and end whenever since everyone is encouraged to hangout with each other and just share in the excitement of restoring freedom.  A wide-variety of groups are welcome so if you are a 9.12er, Tea Partying, Campaign 4 Liberty, Oath Keeping, Eagle Forum, Minuteman, Patriotic Resistant, liberty-minded person come one, come all..we’ll have a ball.

The event will be held at our new “home”:

The Heritage Training Center
1624 S. Pioneer Rd.

Salt Lake City, UT 84104

MapQuest Link to Address

The building is on the West side of Pioneer Road, is a tan brick/cinder block two story, set back a bit from the street, with parking in front.  There is a neon American Flag in the window next to the door.

Gary Wood is the Educational Advisor for the Utah Tenth Amendment Center. Co-founder of the Heritage Training Center, focused on helping end constitutional illiteracy. With 35 years of devoted study of our Constitution his desire is to help others rediscover the inspiring heritage of the United States. Radio show host, training officer, lifetime member of the VFW and most importantly Grandpa.

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