Utah HCR-2 States' Rights Resolution

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Below is the PDF of Utah House Concurrent Resolution introduced by Utah Representative Julie Fisher.

Link to Resolution details

Gary Wood is the Educational Advisor for the Utah Tenth Amendment Center. Co-founder of the Heritage Training Center, focused on helping end constitutional illiteracy. With 35 years of devoted study of our Constitution his desire is to help others rediscover the inspiring heritage of the United States. Radio show host, training officer, lifetime member of the VFW and most importantly Grandpa.

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3 Responses to “Utah HCR-2 States' Rights Resolution”

  1. GaryWood says:

    We will send you information soon Warren. The petitions are just about ready to go out. We are going to send them via email as well as have them at the Heritage Training Center on Jan. 5th at 7pm.

    If you have other questions on the details drop me an email at gary.wood@tenthamendmentcenter.com

    Thank you for your support and desire to help restore order and put our federal government back in its enumerated box!

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  3. Warren Stott says:

    I cant wait to help get this passed!!!!!! What do I need to do Gary?

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